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Camps Program


Year 7 

Orientation Camp
During transition from grade 6 students attend an overnight camp to Cape Conron where we focus on team work and building friendships between students from different Primary schools.

Gelantipy Camp
In the first week of Term 1 students attend a week long camp to Gelantipy where our focus on team work and friendship building is extended along with building self-esteem and getting to know the group of year 7 teachers.  Students complete activities from horse riding and abseiling to rafting, rock climbing and a flying fox.



Year 8

Sustainability camps & excursions
During their studies in Sustainability, students participate in a variety of excursions and camps including an overnight trip to Melbourne, a day excursion to Cape Conran and a local excursion to the water treatment plant.  Some students will also attend the upper catchment trip to Jindabyne.

Year 8 – Camp Coolamatong
This camp provides an exciting and challenging experience for all students.  They are encouraged to work together as a team and develop new skills as they enjoy a wide range of activities with an emphasis on positive involvement and enhancing self-esteem.



Years 9 – 12

A variety of camps and excursions associated with specific subjects.  Depending on the subjects being studied, different students will be involved in different camps, some of which include; Caving at Buchan, exploring the coast line of Wilson’s Promontory, visiting the Murray Goulbourn factory at Maffra and many other numerous field trips. Students are given the opportunity to extend their knowledge of the subject matter and experience the ‘real thing’.



Year 12 Study Camp

This camp is designed to provide students with assistance in developing effective study skills, to promote team building and to provide further directions for their final year of secondary education and beyond.  

During the camp students are required to attend all timetabled activities which include; guest speakers, careers information, university and TAFE application information, past year 12 student experiences, relaxation and anti-stress techniques as well as goal setting.