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Our Student Leaders

Students are more likely to develop a strong commitment to the community and its future if they are able and permitted to take part in determining its direction. Participation in decision-making at the school level is a means through which students are able to develop responsibility and experience the democratic process.

Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is made up of student representatives from each of the year levels. Students meet once a fortnight and report back to their classmates during assemblies and year level assemblies.

The SRC undertakes a number of different roles within the school: they are advocates for issues brought to them by the student population, they seek to improve the school environment, two representatives sit on the School Council, they work on the breakfast club and barbecues, they organise socials and they fundraise for different charities.

College Captains

The process of appointing College Captains begins with student candidates presenting a speech to all students and staff, who then vote for a male and female captain.  The democratic winners become co-captains of the college.  The roles and responsibilities of the college captains include:

  • Running school assemblies
  • Meeting with visiting dignitaries
  • Regular meeting with the principal
  • Being a role model for younger students

House Officials

Our sports program offers students the opportunity to become leaders of the school houses; Yeerung, Rocky and Snowy. Students become house officials which includes house captains, house vice captains and house secretaries. The roles of these officials are to help coordinate, assist and organise the inter-house sports carnivals held throughout the year. These positions of responsibility give the students an opportunity to become young leaders within the school community.

Bus Captains

School bus captains are usually nominated by the bus drivers/operators and are generally senior students. These students hold a position of great responsibility to ensure student travel between home and school is conducted in a safe and timely manner.

Music Capains

Two music captains are appointed each year.  Successful captains are a male and female senior student who are involved in the senior and/or swing bands.  Captains provide leadership to fellow music program participants, assist with performances and play a major part in organising fundraising events.



Arnold St

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