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Community Partnerships

Country Fire Authority (CFA / Advance)

CFA/Advance is a course held over two years at the Orbost CFA building. Students work towards achieving CFA Minimum Skills Certificate and First Aid Level 2 Certificate. The students are picked up from/returned to school in CFA vehicles (fire tanker, pumper, 4x4). They wear CFA uniform when undertaking practical activities and thus represent the CFA. The course comprises theory and practical activities, including practise on real fires and use of current CFA equipment. The students travel to Sale for external practical skills assessment.


Mohawks Program

The Mohawk gardening and yard maintenance program is an initiative between Orbost Regional Health and Orbost Secondary College. It is designed to assist elderly or infirm residents who have been assessed by ORH as needing assistance to remain in their own homes and is part of a total care package that may include services such as Meals on Wheels and visits by the Community Nurse. Mohawks involves students working in teams and under the direction of an Orbost Regional Health supervisor for one day per week. Tasks include weeding, pruning and operation of powered gardening equipment. Interaction with sometimes socially isolated members of the community is also an important part of Mohawks.

Student Exchange Programs (Rotary Club)

The Rotary Youth Exchange Program allows students to spend up to twelve months attending secondary school and living with host families in other countries. This provides students with the opportunity to experience other cultures first hand, broaden their own outlook of the world and experience day-to-day challenges in an environment completely different to the one they experience at home. Many students from Orbost Secondary College have taken part in a Rotary Youth Exchange and the school also hosts international students taking part in this program.

Ann S. from the USA with a fellow student

Cross Age Tutoring

Cross Age Tutoring is an elective unit at Middle School level. Students choose to attend a local primary school once a week where they support staff and students with their class activities. This experience creates a greater awareness of the development of learning for our students and helps to establish a link for the younger students with OSC. Students find this a valuable unit and enjoy their learning experiences outside of the college class room.


Arnold St

Orbost VIC 3888

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