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Middle School (7 – 9)

Orbost Secondary College offers a sequential and comprehensive curriculum, which aims to recognise the different needs, abilities and interests of individual students. Our Middle School encompasses Years 7,8 and 9.

The curriculum at Years 7 aims to provide a wide range of experiences, whilst our Year 8 students begin to select a learning program that best suits their educational needs, career aspirations and interests.

Year 7

In Years 7 we offer an intensive Literacy program to develop students’ skills in reading, writing and spelling, supporting students with literacy needs.

Students are also supported by our Special Programs, which recognises that students learn in a variety of ways. The programs offered include Gardening and Life Skills. Additionally, where possible, the College provides Education Support staff in classes to support student learning.

Inquiry-based Learning has been introduced in Years 7  to provide further opportunity for applied learning.

We are continuing to review our curriculum in line with Department of Education & Training guidelines and we are confident that all students will experience:

  • a broad, general but comprehensive curriculum
  • an effective partnership with parents and teachers
  • a quality education
  • appropriate learning experiences and teaching methods
  • learning situations designed to enable students to make effective decisions

To provide these experiences, students are required to undertake studies in:

  • English
  • Humanities (History, Geography and Commerce)
  • Technology Studies (including Materials - Wood and Food Studies)
  • The Arts (including Art, Drama, and Visual Communication)
  • Personal Development (including Physical and Health Education)
  • Mathematics
  • Science

Many students in Year 7 are active members in the Instrumental Music program. Participation in this program allows students to work as members of a team, develop interpersonal skills, perform publicly and acquire musical skills.

The Junior School Handbook contains further information about the content of subjects. Other information and policies relating to student learning, engagement and wellbeing can be found in the student handbook and elsewhere on this site.

Years 8 & 9

The Year 8 - 10 Curriculum at Orbost Secondary College is based on the belief that all students should be provided with the opportunity to organise their studies to cater for their individual strengths and interests whilst providing and establishing the foundations for future study.

Students have the opportunity to select a learning program that best suits their educational needs, career aspirations and interests but need to do so with discussion and guidance involving college staff and parents.

The aims of the Years 8 - 10 program are:

  • To offer courses of study relevant to students’ needs and their interests.
  • To offer a wide variety of subjects.
  • To prepare students for further study and employment.
  • To offer courses leading to VCE or VCAL.

Core studies for students include:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities
  • Personal Development

Elective units are chosen from Physical, Personal and Social Learning, Interdisciplinary Learning and The Arts.

Students can expect electives offered to change from year to year to allow greater choice of units.
The Middle School Handbook contains further information about the content of subjects. Additional information relating to student learning, engagement and wellbeing can also be found in the handbook or elsewhere on this site.

Year 8 & 9 students are encouraged to attend planned day and overnight excursions.

Excursions provide students with challenging, yet fun, physical and cultural experiences.
Development of inter-personal skills are encouraged through a range of teambuilding and other social activities. A highlight when visiting Melbourne is participating in a creative street art session in one of the city's colourful alleyways! Some of Victoria’s key cultural organisations also provide experiences tailor-made for our students.

Parents are most welcome at any time during the school year to contact the Middle School Team.
The 2022 Middle School Team is:

Middle School Leader - Anthony Walker
Middle School Co-ordinators - Alistair Gribble & Phoebe Porter

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