Orbost Secondary College
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Orbost Secondary College Profile


Orbost Secondary College is located in Far East Gippsland and is the only secondary school along the Princes Highway between Lakes Entrance and Cann River. It is a distance of 384km from Melbourne; approximtely a four hour drive.


Due to the availability of a huge range of outdoor activities - including boating, fishing, surfing, trekking, camping, skiing and cycling - Orbost has a steady tourism industry. 

Combined with the established dairy and vegetable farming industries, the local DSE and timber industries and the expanding range of health services, the natural beauty of the area makes Orbost a place where people come to holiday and stay forever.


The College offers excellence in rural education and has a stable and professional staff committed to securing the best possible learning outcomes for all students. We provide many opportunities to achieve success and excellence by meeting individual needs and promoting integrity and life-long learning. 

East Gippsland Network

The college is part of the East Gippsland Network of schools with the partner schools in the Linking Schools through Technology initiative being Orbost, Bairnsdale and Lakes Entrance Secondary Colleges, Cann River and Mallacoota P-12 Colleges and Swifts Creek School.

Enrolment & Staffing

Enrolment is approximately 305 students with 45 teaching and Education Support staff.  Members of the School Community are encouraged to value honesty, courtesy, respect for others and the school environment and to develop self-discipline.

School Council

Our school council comprises parents, DEECD representatives and interested community members.  These people play an important role in school accountability and improvement, ensuring that the students’ best interests are seen to and enhance the educational opportunities for all.